It’s amazing when you live in a town or city and just when you think you’ve discovered everything there is to discover, something new emerges from behind a few trees, up a street near a hillside or even down an intriguing neighborhood side street. This last weekend was one of those weekends, where while traipsing through the avenues, we finally came upon what we had tried to find spontaneously for months – that little cubby hole cafe that was called Cucina! I can see why a little coffee shop down the street didn’t quite make it as this little place seems to take everything away from those other places. Not only is this place pastoral and it seems very natural to sit outside, but it’s just isolated enough too to give you that ‘wish you were here’ feeling. Maybe you too can find it spontaneously or if you must cheat just go ahead and google it. Before we arrived at Cucina we had spent quite the pleasant day saddled in the surroundings of Tracy Aviary. I used to think this place was just for the birds, but since they’ve done plenty of renovations there, it seems like it doubles as a kind of natural walk about park too. If you want to escape from the city for an hour or so this is definitely the place to do so, even if birds are only a half empty cup of tea for you. What I also find interesting is you also get a kind of introduction to people you wouldn’t normally run into at the grocery store or movie theater. Look up at the sky and breathe in once in a while too, it’s all part of getting away from the ordinary stresses of life, ya know!